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Sangue Azzurro

it all revolves around the italian sighthounds

Agility. Speed. Endurance. Follow. Enthusiasm




Xulia didn’t go very well. In the lower part of the parkour, where there is a significant slope and where the ground was really soaked,most dogs fell over and she did as well, painfully on the back.

With anxiety, but also with great curiosity, I watched her further run. She wouldn't stop, in the place where she had lost her lure, she was running in circles, jumping high, wanting to spot it. At last she noticed it and ran stubbornly to the end.

She did exactly the same maneuver during coursing in the Czech Republic, where she lost the lure in the tall grass. She jumped high like a kangaroo, wanting to regain her prey at all costs :)




I believe in Xulia very much because I know her physical abilities and character. It seems to me that it is still a matter of time, and at the moment of lack of experience. Xulia reacts much more lively and emotionally to the lure than Pema, burns up too quickly, "she wants too much". It's a bit like a great runner, who is looking forward to the finish line and shuffles his legs so that he rolls the turf and overturns :) This example perfectly reflects Xulia's behavior during the competition. Perhaps it is worth giving her a short run before the competition next time, relieving her tension.

 She will have a chance to prove herself soon at two international coursings, in Pomlewo in the north of Poland and in Hungary, where we are going in September.


↓ Below are the criteria for which greyhounds are judged at competitions in a given order:

3.7.1 Agility

A Sighthounds’ agility is shown:

1. By its rapid changes of direction, provoked by the turns of the lure.

2. By clearing obstacles.

3. At the take, and notably by a sliding tackle on the lure.

4. Dogs that are able to change direction quickly and efficiently especially evident in the turns. Dogs that run with no wasted motion in their forward drive (often low, powerful and with great force in each step).

3.7.2 Speed

The speed necessary to catch a prey. This is shown by the rapidity with which ground is gained when dogs react to the surprise departure of the lure at the start. Sighthounds’ speed will be shown on the entire length of the course but especially at the take of the lure. Rapidity in moving the rate of motion and the dog’s progress show speed. The Judge must reward the dog that runs low, really stretches itself and works the lure. Since timing is not used to measure speed, the dogs’ manner of "giving itself" is an important mean of assessing its ability to cover ground. Absolute speed is not taken into account when judging because the speed of a Sighthound must be compared to that of its competitors. When judging the speed, the breed’s characteristics should be considered. All breeds do not reach as high absolute speed as the others. A go-bye can be made when a dog in second position gives its utmost and overtakes its opponent. Overtaking can take place between two successive pulleys.

3.7.3 Endurance

Endurance is the ability of a Sighthound to finish its course in good physical condition. It is the end sum of its physical and mental abilities. A dog that runs the whole course aggressively and does not show signs of tiredness even at the finish has good endurance.

3.7.4 Follow

Follow is a dog’s capability to follow the lure and always have 100% attention on the lure. Good follow is characterized when a dog: 1. Follows the lure for the whole course and actively try’s to catch the lure. Reacts quickly to the movement of the lure. 2. Follows the lure precisely and tries to make “jump to kill” immediately when it gets close to the lure. 3. Tries actively and aggressively to catch the lure through out the whole chase. 4. Go after the lure without making great assumptions as to where the lure will be travelling (course wise running). 

3.7.5 Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm in the pursuit, whatever the conditions of the ground (rough or with obstacles) and whatever incidents occur such as overshooting the turns, falling and losing sight of the lure. A Sighthounds’ enthusiasm is shown: 1. At the start:  By its concentrated attention.  By fixing its eyes on the lure. 2. When in pursuit of the lure:  By its permanent drive on the lure, forcing the operator to accelerate the lure to avoid a take before the end of the course.  By jumping an obstacle cleanly, without hesitation of an obstacle.  By its desire to return to the lure if it gets left behind. 3. At the take of the lure:  At full speed.  By tackling the lure with a sliding take.  By its attempts to catch the lure, even when it has been taken by its opponent.

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