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Sangue Azzurro

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Our dogs at the National Dog Show in Branice

dog shows


It was a very successfull weekend for Sangue Azzurro breeding dogs. MAZU and LORI had their ring debut in very hard weather conditions outside - on a sports field, with no shelter, 4 degrees, rain and even snow at times. I'm grateful to Justyna Olichwier for pictures of our dogs from this show, our models showed their value despite extremaly "non-IG" weather.

L' Origine Sangue Azzurro - excellent 1/3, Youth Winner, BEST JUNIOR
Mazu Sangue Azzurro - excellent, Best Adult Dog, BOS, CAC.
Judge: Mirosław Olejnik

L' Origine Sangue Azzurro - excellent 2/4
Mazu Sangue Azzurro - excellent, Best Adult Dog, BOS, CAC.
Judge: Jan Ryk

We prefer showing our dogs in free stand, without correcting and positioning the dog in an unnatural way, pushing fingers into the spine and pulling back legs so that the dog freezes in a perfect position for a single picture. A correct dog will show it's value both in movement and in free stand.







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