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Sangue Azzurro

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SLOVAK COURSING CHAMPIONSHIP 2020 - what an event it was! Such a talent show. I have never seen so many talented IG's in one place, every run looked great, but no wonder - the best dogs come to the Championships.

My Pema (JUST JOY z Koloseum) was 3rd in a huge rate of 16 females and got Res.CACIL. I'm really bursting with pride! Competitions was organized very well, efficiently and quickly, great atmosphere created by Slovaks and Czechs, it's really nice to meet the same faces and support dogs together! And above all, be able to admire incredibly talented IG's live! Big congratulations to the winners!!!!


1. Buggy Camino Bianca
2. Hannach Feritte Bugsy
3. JUST JOY z Koloseum
4. Gloria Feritte Bugsy
5. Chantia Feritte Bugsy
6. Reia Quindici


1. Easter Bubble Assetto Corse
2. Aristo Camino Bianca
3. Logan Ilare Bulchimo
4. Bentley Camino Bianca
5. Zippo Libre Na Klinkach
6. Nino Tileco

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