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Sangue Azzurro

it all revolves around the italian sighthounds

Lloyd Kopa Du Domaine De Chanteloup

Lloyd is an unbelievably elegant dog, of standard size, sophisticated in every detail, he moves in a beautiful, buoyant way. I’ve been watching him for two years and gathering information about him… dreaming… 

From the very beginning he seemed to me perfect for my Pema, he complemented all the features I want to continue as a breeder. 

Finally, the time came when the dream became true. 

Lloyd, except for all the exceptional physical features, also has amazing personality. He’s a very sensitive, gentle dog, kind and friendly for strangers. I could admire his tricks and great vocal talent while drinking my morning coffee, observe the unbelievable bond he has with his owner, Inga. Live, he makes even bigger impression! His color is dark, clear blue, for me even close to navy blue. His coat is very thick and grows not only on the belly but also on all the places which most Italian Sighthounds have almost bald. 

For me Lloyd is special and I’m in love with him from the tip of my toes to the top of my head, same with his children, which I had the opportunity to watch!

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