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Pema | JUST JOY z Koloseum



date of birth

Pema is 7 years, 8 months and 22 days old.



country of birth



Katarzyna i Miłosz Żurek

pedigree name

JUST JOY z Koloseum


4,5 kg


35 cm


Interchampion Wyścigowy (C.I.C)
Krajowy Champion Wyścigów Chartów
Champion Polski
Młodzieżowy Champion Polski

 Licencja coursingowa

Pema is quite a small female, 35 cm tall, but she’s got a sporty, muscular body. With such beautiful expression she’s a lively little sparkle with dark, incisive eyes. She’s got very good pigmentation.

Pema is a very brave IG, since she was a puppy she’s dealt with new situations naturally. Pema hardly ever makes any noises, she doesn’t bark at all, she’s a very quiet IG, just as the rest of my pack. Sometimes she does some kind of “singing” while yawning.

She is very brave and she probably thinks that she is a big dog. She is my only IG that is never cold and never shakes, I rarely dress her. The only one that is not afraid of rain, she runs happily even when it’s pouring. She’s as incredibly strong female, she always makes a huge impression on everybody. Her personality and fearless character is visible from the very beginning.

She’s very dogged on running after a prey, she’s very fast, despite her height, and most of all persistent. I hope to develop those features on coursings.

The world of dog shows is great feast for her, Pema is always at a party, she loves to go somewhere, she loves when I take her with me to visit people! At the dog show she’s always very cheerful and pleased, sometimes even too much as she is running at the ring waggling her tail all the time. For Pema the word “stress” doesn’t exist, she even watches the fireworks with interest, sitting at the window sill.

She’s a bit like a cat, comes for cuddling when she wants herself.

She’s my great friend, she only has eyes for me, but we achieved this amazing bond when she was 1,5 years old, earlier she didn’t mind me at all. At that point for her there was only Azu, my male (neutered), her teacher and best friend. To the present day they are inseparable and Pema treats Azu as her personal bedding, she always sleeps on him, even her head or paw, but she has to touch him. Just like someone who can’t sleep without his favourite pillow.

What is characteristic for Pema is that she crosses her front paws while lying on the sofa. It looks very elegant and none of my other IGs does that.


Genetic tests results

Familial Enamel Hypoplasia (FEH)

Primary closed angle glaucoma (PCAG)
N/N - 20/7/2020

Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA-IG1)
AA Bb CC DD EE - 20/7/2020

Clinical tests results

czyste (2018, 2020)

rzepki (Luxating patella)
PL 0/0 (2018)

czyste, ECG+ECHO w normie (2018, 2020)

Dog Coat Color Panel
KBky AyAy dd ee SS


pedigree in The Breed Archive database

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