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Sangue Azzurro

it all revolves around the italian sighthounds

Italian Greyhound (Sighthound) Kennel

Italian Greyhounds kennel Sangue Azzurro started in 2015. However, before the first litter was born in 2018, a lot of time had to be devoted to learning and collecting information about the breed, pedigrees, health, mating and genetics.

Italian Greyhounds are our huge passion and true love. We breed only these special dogs and we don’t plan to have any other breed in the future. Simply, no other involves us so much as the Italian Greyhound! We want everything to be done with as much engagement as possible, not get distracted by anything else, but lead up to perfection in every aspect of breeding.

The beginnings weren’t easy, first years with lots of problems, but this taught us how important the health of the whole line is and how precisely the dogs for future breeding should be chosen. What’s important for us is to breed knowingly, wisely and with passion! If there are no “butterflies in the stomach” at the thought of a particular mating, we don’t even start to talk with the male’s owner. Each litter is celebrated, very well thought through and analyzed, we always wait for the puppies with hope.

We do the DNA test in UC Davis in California, where we sent samples for our dogs’ tests. We try to check hearts, knee caps, eyes, thyroid and kidneys every year or every second year for each dog in our kennel we run blood tests with extended ionograms to check if their diet is well balanced for them.

For us breeding is something more than just “giving life to purebred dogs”, it’s an act of creation and there has to be some element of “art” – except for knowledge and checking the lines, there needs to be some feeling, intuition and trust when your heart beats faster at the thought of a particular mating. It’s important not to follow fashion, compare, envy nor listen to “advisors”, but to follow your heart during the breeding work, keep up to your vision and have faith in your thoughts.

 Italian Greyhound is an elitist breed for us, special and rare, like a precious metal. Each and every one is like a valuable opal, glittering in the sunlight with blaze of colors, special, unique, one of a kind. We would like for other breeders to treat them this way, exceptionally, responsibly and sacredly, give every mating and every puppy a lot of attention, so that the breed never loses its elitism and rarity.

We are looking for homes that, like ours, are focused on an active lifestyle with a dog, people that are aware of the breed’s needs, know its history and destination, understand that these are hunting dogs, not “toy” and a living room decoration.

We want the future owners of our dogs to enjoy their lives with healthy, elegant Italian Greyhounds with a balanced temper.

Puppies for sale

Our italian sighthounds


what's new in Sangue Azzurro?

On Saturday my young females had their first coursing training

Our females L'Origine, Cromosoma and Maman had a coursing training and photo session on Saturday

Cromosoma Sangue Azzurro at the World Dog Show in Madrid

As the only Italian Greyhound kennel from Poland we represented our country at the World Dog Show in Madrid

Cromosoma Best of Breed!!

It was a really HOOOT yesterday, both the weather and the news!


Very detailed finnish judge Jussi Liimatainen (FI)


CACIB Łódź - wonderful debut our Kromka

L' ORIGINE Sangue Azzurro - Junior Winner, Best Junior, BOB, BOG III

L'ORIGINE got Polish Junior Champion title at the age of 12 months

L' Origine Sangue Azzurro on International Dog Show CACIB

Our beloved L 'Origine won Junior BOB again

Our first litter this year was born!!

Xulia and her babies are doing great!

Our dogs at the National Dog Show in Branice

Very successfull weekend for Sangue Azzurro breeding dogs

A photo session of our youngest IGs

Justyna Olichwier - a talented photographer from Silesia

National Dog Show - Pruszków

Another National Show with our beloved Trissy

Trissy on NDS in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki

Trissy took first place winning the gold medal

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with love

section under construction

look at the wool sweaters

Leather fanny packs

section under construction

look at the wool sweaters


section under construction

look at the wool sweaters


section under construction

look at the wool sweaters

Sleeping bags

section under construction

look at the wool sweaters


section under construction

look at the wool sweaters


section under construction

look at the wool sweaters


Everyday life

Easter Monday

From the morning we walked 7 kilometers in the forest 


Looking at this picture, would you say she is a small 35 cm female? I see vigor, strength, power and athletic body.

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